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Krimml - "Under the sign of water!"


The skiing area Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte has natural, high quality snow from the beginning of November to the end of April. The plateau of Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte is situated between the High Tauern and Zillertal Alps - an ideal background for a wide range of sports and activities in a magic world of white and snow.


Krimml is especially famous for its waterfalls. It is the only Austrian landmark that has awarded the European Parliament’s Nature Preservation Diploma (1967). The waterfalls of Krimml are 380 m high and plummet down over three levels of rock face. A panorama path follows the falls and leads up to the Krimmler Achental valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of the High Tauern National Park.


The Achental valley measures 19 km in length. With a walk of about 6 hours, starting at Krimml, you will reach the southern end of the valley, where the Krimmler Ache has its source. Here the river flows through Alpine pastures, until, at a height of 1470 m, it thunders down into the depths below as a mighty waterfall.


The “Water Wonder World” (Wasserwunderwelt) of Krimml is especially worth a visit in the year 2003, "The year of water". In the “Wasserwunderwelt” the phenomenon that is “water” is explained in all its details and visitors can admire “all that water can do”.

The “elixir of life” can be explored from many different sides. In the Water Wonder World in Krimml you can observe phenomena of all kinds - a silent jet of water, the currents, the hydraulic pressure of water in trees or mighty waterfalls. And to finish a day full of adventure in relaxation you can visit the Aqua Park!

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